BlandsLaw - Jennifer Brown - Office Manager/Marketing
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Jennifer Brown - Office/Marketing Manager

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It’s highly likely that when you call or visit our office, you’ll be greeted by Jennifer. Jennifer is our office/marketing manager and, since we’re a boutique firm, this means that she is all things to all people.

Jennifer’s various roles include liaising with clients, events management, invoicing, data reporting, file management, producing presentations and proposals. She also keeps the BlandsLaw team in check, managing internal HR processes and re-stocking the lolly jar (yes, we will work for chocolate). Jennifer enjoys being part of a close-knit team that works well together to provide the best outcomes for BlandsLaw’s clients.

Jennifer joined BlandsLaw in October 2007, after running her own building company – invaluable experience for managing a small business that is focused on achieving client satisfaction, on time and within budget.

Jen appreciates the fact that BlandsLaw is a family-friendly employer that enables her to provide a quality service to clients and staff, as well as allowing time for family and friends.

For further information on Jennifer’s professional credentials, please visit her LinkedIn profile.