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 Andrew Bland on Switzer's Business program: Linfox, social media and unfair dismissal

Hear Andrew Bland of BlandsLaw discussing with Peter Switzer the recent Linfox v Stutsel case: the Linfox employee who successfully claimed unfair dismissal after his employment was terminated, because he made inappropriate remarks about his managers on Facebook. He was found to be unfairly dismissed by Fair Work Australia because, among other things, he had inadequate knowledge of Facebook, and his employer didn't have an adequate social media policy.

SOCIAL media might be the "biggest gift" for any small business but be warned there are strings attached.

Experts have warned that, without proper training, it can do more harm than good.  And while some businesses bury their head in the sand, there is little escape.


BlandsLaw "has been able to mix it with heavyweight firms" thanks to its focus on the evolving social media platforms.

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Andrew Bland with Peter Switzer on Sky Business News discussing the industrial relations impact of the Qantas dispute.


Andrew Bland with Peter Switzer on Sky Business discussing Qantas dispute


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