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Twelve months after the introduction of national anti-bullying laws, Andrew Bland - Principal discusses the issue.

The recent annual report of the Fair Work Commission (FWC) showed the number of bullying complaints trending upwards. However, the numbers are nothing like what the concerned pundits predicted, nor has the new jurisdiction turned out to be the great threat anticipated to employers and their ability to manage staff, or so the FWC's capacity to deal with the flood of complaints.

In January 2014, as the new jurisdiction was launched, there were more that 28,000 hits on the FWC's website dealing with anti-bullying laws. But by the six-month mark, only 343 applications had been made.

There are many reasons why we haven't seen the spike in complaints forecast. 

It's probable many employees remain unaware of the regime and how to apply it. This may account for slow creep in the number of complains. When faced with an uncomfortable situation at work, many employees will simply leave. The other major disincentive is that there's

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From 1 January 2014, the Fair Work Commission (FWC) will deal with workplace bullying claims from workers within 14 days of the complaint being made, and will have powers to make orders to stop the bullying. Financial penalties will apply to employers who contravene FWC orders resulting from a bullying claim. This article looks at bullying in the current employment law landscape and then outlines the new laws and some practical steps for employers to get ready for these changes.

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