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Who is BlandsLaw?

Who is BlandsLaw? Who are you? Answers to these questions - and so much more! - can be found in this short video clip.


Watch our webinar now: Managing sick and injured employees 

This webinar looks at some of the key considerations for employers managing employees who are either sick or injured, whether on a temporary or longer-term basis.

Join Christine Broad as she addresses the commonly-asked questions around this issue, including:

  • How can I assess someone’s capacity to work?

  • How do I manage extended absences from the workplace?

  • What modifications do I need to provide for injured employees or those with a disability?

  • What are ‘reasonable adjustments’?

  • Can I request more detailed medical information?

  • What are the restrictions around dismissal during a temporary illness or injury? 

How do I ensure compliance with anti-discrimination laws?

As ever, the webinar provides some recent, real cases and practical tips on how to manage this challenging aspect of employment law.         

This session outlines steps you can take to minimise your risk in termination cases.



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