Andrew Gordon – Solicitor

At BlandsLaw we pride ourselves on keeping things simple; we like to cut out unnecessary confusion. But we blew it when we brought in another Andrew – now one half of our legal team shares the same name.

Andrew is an employment lawyer with a particular focus on employment contracts, post-employment restraints and dispute resolution. He advises clients on all aspects of workplace law, including unfair dismissal, employment termination and restructuring.

It’s fair to say Andrew understands a lot about the challenges of running a business. Andrew has enjoyed an extensive career in international trade, working in Japan as an export advisor to Australian businesses, and as a lawyer in the United Arab Emirates and Australia.

A decade in Australian exports saw Andrew gain insights into market research, business planning, export pricing, freight and logistics, commercial negotiations, risks and legal considerations, finance and budgeting. His experience spans practically every major industry you can think of, including technology, resources, food and beverages, marine and engineering. His rare depth of commercial experience, combined with employment law knowledge, is appreciated by both SMEs and corporates alike.

Andrew enjoys developing an understanding of his clients’ businesses through a close working relationship, resulting in practical, effective and commercially-savvy solutions. While he takes his responsibilities very seriously, thankfully Andrew doesn’t take himself too seriously. Like everyone else on the BlandsLaw team, he is genuinely human-friendly. He’s also quite funny.

For further information on Andrew’s professional and academic background, please see his LinkedIn profile.

Andrew’s areas of expertise include:

  • Employment contract review and drafting
  • Commercial contract review and advice
  • Commercial and retail leasing
  • Personal Property Securities Register (PPSR)