Employers need performance reviews: five reasons and five guidelines

Managing your organisation’s performance effectively entails managing your employees’ performance effectively.

An annual performance appraisal is an integral part of this process but should not be the only time that there is feedback between the employer and the employee.

Regular performance reviews enable you to:


  1. ensure your staff are on track to meet their goals, and therefore your business objectives
  2. identify and address any  issues at the earliest opportunity
  3. assist employees in developing their skills
  4. reduce your risk of exposure to adverse action or unfair dismissal claims.
  5. There’s one more (important) good reason that you may not be aware of: the procedural fairness requirements of the Fair Work Act, 2009, together with more recent decisions of Fair Work Australia (FWA), impose on employers an obligation to act carefully and consistently when managing and disciplining employees.

We wrote this guide to provide practical strategies for effective performance management in the workplace. These may help to minimise the risk of exposure to claims of adverse action or unfair dismissal by disgruntled employees, which can follow on from action taken by the employer to discipline or terminate an employee. More.

Andrew Bland, Solicitor, BlandsLaw

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This article is intended as a guide only and does not replace specific legal advice.


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