Who We Are

A boutique law firm with big life experience

Please bear with us while we talk about ourselves for a moment. We’re sure you’d like to know a little about the people you are engaging to provide your business with practical legal solutions.

Our solicitors have a rich collective knowledge-base in many aspects of law. Apart from holding the academic legal qualifications you would expect, our brains trust has provided best thinking and policy-shaping on issues such as paid parental leave and equal opportunities in the workplace, among others. We are regularly called upon to comment on the legal implications and risks of social media in the workplace, and issues around unfair dismissal.

We have in-house experience with many types of organisation including large corporates, business management consultants, the Department of Public Prosecutions NSW, Austrade, broadcasters, financial institutions, retailers and many small to medium enterprises. Added to that, we are a small business with the same issues, concerns and challenges as our clients.

Five good reasons to use BlandsLaw

1. You can be assured of receiving personalised, timely and relevant service from the BlandsLaw team.
2. We form a long-term, strategic partnership with you so that we understand your business needs.
3. When you choose BlandsLaw, you work directly with the expert.
4. Despite our considerable know-how, we won’t baffle you with legal jargon or over-engineer our advice.
5. Whether you are an employer, a human resource professional or a business owner, BlandsLaw is your legal partner in:

  • Occupational health and safety
  • Discrimination
  • Employment contracts
  • Workplace policies including social media
  • Enterprise bargaining
  • Union disputes
  • Workplace restructuring
  • Commercial supply/service agreements
  • Franchising advice

Contact us now and discover a personalised legal service for you and your business.