Play webinar now – Employment law audits: Is your business compliant?

Did you miss the recent BlandsLaw webinar on Employment Law Audits, aka Workplace Health Checks? Contrary to what you may  think, no eyes glazed over during the presentation of this session!

In this 30 minute webinar recording, Christine Broad explains what an employment law audit is, what the process involves, and why you should consider an audit for your business.

The benefits of an employment law audit include:

  • Improved workplace relations: Compliance with workplace laws will stand an employer in good stead, in the event of an employee complaint.
  • Enhanced reputation in the marketplace
  • Greater confidence among employees that workplace relations and compliance are a priority for their employer.

Still with us? Then click here to play.

More details on BlandsLaw’s Wednesday Webinars at One can be found here.

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