Regular review of your training in workplace policies

Regular review of your training in workplace policies

How often does your organisation conduct regular training for employees in areas such as sexual harassment, discrimination and bullying?

Clear and accessible policies around workplace issues are vital to a healthy and successful business. They help eliminate any grey areas around what employees and employers expect from each other, in terms of acceptable behaviours in the workplace.

It is sound business practice to ensure all employees are aware of company policies and procedures, and these should be reinforced at regular intervals.

1) Policy documents in themselves are not always interesting or easy to understand; consider creating short presentations that cover the main points.

2) Presentations or easy-to-read documents can be supplied to employees upon employment but ongoing refresher courses can be delivered in several ways:

  • Posting revised policy documents/presentations on company intranets, notifying all employees on updates and where to find them
  • Incorporating online ‘policy training modules’ into employee ongoing training, to be completed every quarter or half-year
  • Using regular company meetings to run 10-minute presentations on workplace policies.

3) Ensure there is a record of employees being provided with the training or documentation.

4) Ensure your policies are aligned with legal regulations affecting the topic(s) in question.

If you require assistance in developing a comprehensive suite of workplace policies for your business that will minimise legal risks or legal liability, please contact BlandsLaw.



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