Rudd or Abbott: What their workplace reforms will mean for employers – FREE webinar

FREE BlandsLaw webinar – Wednesday 28 August @1pm AEST

Rudd or Abbott: What their workplace reforms will mean for employers

Hands up who’s had enough of the electioneering? Yes, we feel the same way too: it’s hard maintaining concentration when the two main parties have been slugging it out for what seems like an age.

But if you’re an employer or an HR professional, you might want to consider what changes are coming if the Government is re-elected or if there is a change in Government.

In this free 30-minute webinar, Andrew Bland, our principal and keen political observer, will look at the current IR landscape and consider how this may change after the forthcoming election.

Andrew will apply his employment law expertise to speculate on possible reforms proposed by Labor and the federal Coalition, with particular focus on their Industrial Relations policies, and the practical implications for small and medium-sized businesses. This will include:

  • Assistance to small business
  • Changes to the Fair Work Act
  • Paid parental leave scheme
  • Superannuation reforms
  • New bullying legislation

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Hope to see you there!

For further details on BlandsLaw’s 2013 webinar series on workplace law issues, visit our website.

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