Would You Tell A Prospective Employer If You Were Pregnant?

Andrew Bland was his opinion for an article  "Would You Tell A Prospective Employer If You Were Pregnant?" for Marie Claire

You’re interviewing for your dream job…you’re three months pregnant. Do you tell?


The law says an employer has no right to know you’re pregnant at the time of an interview. But what’s the cost of keeping quiet?

Nina Mandrake* maintained her composure as her potential new boss grilled her about her management experience. She answered most of the questions easily: of course she enjoyed mentoring juniors, attention to detail was definitely one of her strengths, and here were some strong examples of crises she had averted in her previous roles. To an outsider she looked confident, professional and more than qualified for the job on offer. ….

To read the rest of the article go to http://au.lifestyle.yahoo.com/marie-claire/features/world/article/-/12737856/would-you-tell-a-prospective-employer-if-you-were-pregnant/

…….Workplace lawyer Andrew Bland says Nina was lucky. An unsympathetic boss who realised Nina knew she was pregnant during the hiring process may have found a loophole that allowed him to fire her. "Were any questions asked during the interview about length of employment, or about events that the applicant may have been required for in nine, 10 months time? Or does the job require heavy lifting or flying or anything else that may injure a pregnant employee?" he asks, rhetorically.


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